Our Team

  • Shane Carter - The Founder and potential good bloke!

    aka 'ShaneO'

    The Day dreamer turned

    The V8 engine that works on
    all things Yeah Mate... oh, and Built like a Brick Shithouse it turns out...

    The guy who never shuts up
    about Yeah Mate.... 

  • Simon Loader - The Bush telegraph mate!

    aka 'Simmo'

    The mate that said, Give it a
    crack, the world needs Yeah Mate!

    If you haven't met him,
    or on his contact list, then you will be at some point.. 

    Knows everyone and connects
    Yeah Mate to the world.  And a bloody great bloke!

  • Rebecca Carter - The glue that keeps it all together...

    aka 'Bec'

    The voice of reason and the
    voice that tells us all to pull our bloody heads in when we talk too much
    B.S.  Takes care of all the nuts and bolts behind the scenes
    that keep Yeah Mate moving forward, from I.T. to social media just to name a

    Poor girl has to put up with us 😂